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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Universal Life Insurance for Spain

Protect Your Family in Spain with Customisable Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance (IUL) can provide crucial protection for families in Spain. This adaptable policy allows you to tailor your life cover to your unique needs.

For residents of Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and across Spain, universal life is a smart way to safeguard loved ones or save for retirement in a safe and secure way. But it's important to consult experts first. Their guidance ensures your policy aligns with local laws and your financial plans. Our team partners with wealth managers, trustees and financing companies. This gives you every option to craft an optimal universal life policy.

Get a free quote for universal life insurance in Spain today. Fill out our form now to get started.

Still unsure if universal life is the right life insurance policy for you? Browse our FAQs page. Or contact us directly with any questions. We are happy to explain how universal life can protect your family and assets in Spain.

Get your free universal life insurance quote for Spain.

  • How can I obtain a universal life insurance quote in Spain?

    To receive a quote for universal life insurance in Spain, please provide us with the following information:

    • your age
    • gender
    • smoker status
    • the amount of life coverage you require
    • your country of residence
    • your email address

    Once we receive this information, we will be able to provide you with a quote within 24 hours. To get started, simply reach out to us using the contact form at the bottom of this page. We look forward to assisting you with your life insurance needs

  • I live in Spain, can I buy indexed universal life insurance?

    Yes, Spanish residents can invest in indexed universal life insurance, also known as IUL. An IUL can supplement retirement income and estate planning needs.

  • What types of international life insurance can I buy if I am a Spanish resident?
    1. Indexed universal life insurance
    2. Whole life insurance
    3. Variable universal life

    All the policies supplied to Spanish wealth managers by Capital for Life are single-life policies. We do not offer joint life second death policies or survivorshp policies.

  • I live in Spain, do I need to go for a medical for a universal life insurance policy?

    Some life insurance companies offer universal life insurance to Spanish residents with no medical. But if you want life insurance coverage of $5m or more, you will need a medical. Capital for Life Spain has an approved list of medical clinics in Madrid and Barcelona that high net worth clients can attend.

  • Can I borrow against life insurance policy if I am a Spanish resident?

    You can borrow against the cash value of your UL insurance policy if you are a Spanish resident. Loans secured against your life policy typically have lower interest rates because you are using the policy as collateral. You can either take the policy to a Spanish private bank to borrow money and pledge it as collateral, or take a loan directly from the insurance company itself.

    Popular reasons why Spanish residents take a life insurance policy loan are to:

    • Buy property overseas in places like London, Dubai or Colombia.
    • Invest in equities and bonds with the expectation of a higher return.
    • Provide short term liquidity for a Spanish business venture.
  • Can Spanish residents get premium financing for a universal life insurance policy?

    Yes, Spanish residents can obtain financing for their universal life insurance policy. This premium financing can be for up to 100% of the policy's cash surrender value and is subject to underwriting. However, it's important to note that this financing strategy may not be suitable for all types of Spanish planning and it's recommended to consult with a tax adviser before proceeding. Capital for Life can make a suitable introduction upon request.

  • What's the minimum amount of universal life cover a Spanish resident can buy?

    Universal life cover with a death benefit from $1m upwards can be bought by a Spanish high-net-worth resident.

  • I am a private banker and wealth manager in Spain, can I use Capital for Life's life insurance solutions?

    Yes, you can use Capital for Life for all your international life insurance and financing solutions. We partner with Spanish bankers and wealth managers who want to use our solutions with their high-net-worth private clients.

  • Can high net worth individuals in Spain buy universal life insurance from Capital for Life?

    Yes, Capital for Life serves high-net-worth clients across Spain and can assist with finding a suitable universal life insurance policy. Our team works with global partners and professional advisers to design an IUL solution that meets the specific needs of each client. While we do not offer advice on specific universal life insurance products, we are dedicated to helping our Spanish based clients find the coverage they need. Contact us today to learn more about the universal life insurance options available to high net worth individuals in Spain.

  • Which other countries in Europe can I get a universal life insurance quote for?

    Universal life insurance (ULI) quotes are available in most countries in Europe. Some examples of countries where you can get a universal life insurance quote include:

    • France
    • Germany
    • United Kingdom

    It is worth noting that the availability and terms of universal life insurance may vary across countries in Europe. It is recommended that you speak with an insurance professional at Capital for Life to learn about the specific options available in the country where you live.

  • Who provides universal life insurance services in Spain?

    Capital for Life offers universal life insurance services in Spain. Our services include policy comparison, cost calculation, and understanding policy features to find the best fit for your client. We also provide tax advisory, trustee, and premium financing services to ensure correct ownership and financing of the policy. Contact us for more information on our universal life insurance options across Spain.

  • What is life expectancy in Spain?

    According to data published by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2020, the average life expectancy in Spain is 83.2 years. Male life expectancy in Spain is 80.7 years, while female life expectancy is 85.7 years. Spain ranks 5th in the world for life expectancy. These statistics are based on the latest available data and are subject to change over time.

    Life expectancy for Spain is an important factor for life insurance companies when determining the premium rates for their policies issued to Spanish residents. A person's life expectancy plays a role in calculating the risk level associated with insuring them, as the longer a person is expected to live, the more likely they are to make a claim on their policy. As a result, life insurance premiums are typically lower for individuals with a higher life expectancy and higher for those with a shorter life expectancy. By understanding the average life expectancy in Spain, life insurance companies can better evaluate the risk associated with offering coverage to residents of Spain and adjust their premiums accordingly. Spain is classed as an 'A+' risk rated country by many international life insurers meaning it is deemed a high life expectancy country.

  • List of life insurance companies in Spain

    Life insurance companies in Spain 2023

    1. VidaCaixa
    2. Mapfre Vida
    3. Bansabadell Vida
    4. Ibercaja Vida
    5. Axa Aurora Vida
    6. Santander Seguros
    7. Allianz
    8. BBVA Seguros

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From Barcelona to Madrid and the rest of Spain and beyond, Capital for Life provides life insurance cover for up to $165m for high net-worth clients. Spanish wealth managers with clients who need life insurance work with Capital for Life to find and deliver the best solutions.

How much life insurance can I get if I live in Spain?

Index universal life insurance, guaranteed universal life insurance and end-to-end support and service for financial advisers in across Spain. Trust us to support your protection business.

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You will need a minimum of US$50,000 per year to save into a universal life policy to provide the benefits a UL policy can offer. All universal life insurance policies offer lifetime and death benefits in US dollars only.

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