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Stock Market Investing

Invest with confidence, benefiting from stock market growth while minimising downside risks with Indexed Universal Life (IUL). Experience stable returns and peace of mind, as your investment weathers market fluctuations with robust protection strategies. Unlock the potential of the markets, with the assurance that your capital remains safeguarded against unforeseen downturns.

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"Carlton has a wealth of knowledge on his offering and the whole CFL team is first class in their work behind the scenes." - James Gormley

"I highly recommend Capital for Life for when it comes to life insurance solutions. The team is extremely knowledgeable & professional." - Gareth Bowkett

"Carlton’s knowledge and expertise is invaluable... A clear communicator who can quickly craft a solution and is unrelenting on a successful delivery.” - Matt Tailford

“Carlton Crabbe and the team at Capital For Life have been an immeasurable asset." - Bob Bhowmik

The Challenges

of Investing in Stocks

Investing in stocks carries the promise of gains but also unpredictable downturns. Universal life insurance (ULI) offers a strategic balance, allowing participation in market growth while cushioning against volatility. It's a prudent choice for those who seek to safeguard and lower their investment risk and ensuring capital protection is integral to their financial plan.

Index Universal Life
Insurance: The Basics

Guaranteed No Stock Market Losses

Invest with Confidence: Our strategies guarantees zero losses against stock market downturns, ensuring your capital investment remains safe.

Growth in Major Stock Markets to 10%+ a Year

Accelerate Your Wealth: Tap into major stock markets' potential with a strategy targeting over 10%-11% annual growth.

Lower Investment Risk

Invest Smart, Minimise Risk: Our approach focuses on reducing your investment risk, balancing stock market growth with security.


Enjoy the freedom of accessing your cash when you need it, giving you financial flexibility. Your funds are available on demand with a , giving you peace of mind.

IUL for Stock Market Protected Investing

What is Indexed Universal Life


Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL), often referred to as IUL, is a type of permanent life insurance. Unlike traditional life insurance, IUL offers both a death benefit and the potential for cash value accumulation based on the performance of a stock market index. This unique structure provides flexibility in premium payments and coverage amounts, adapting to your changing financial needs over time.

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Benefits of Indexed
Universal Life Insurance

Retirement Planning

Not just an insurance policy, but a versatile financial tool. Diversify your investment portfolio while enjoying a safety net against market downturns.

Family Protection and Financial Security

Watch your wealth grow tax-deferred. Access your funds tax-free, offering you unmatched financial flexibility for investments, retirement, or unexpected expenses.

Financial Security

Secure your financial legacy with high-value life coverage that ensures a smooth and seamless transition of your wealth to the next generation.

How IUL Works for

Stock Market Protected Investing

Guaranteed Income

A guaranteed income for your retirement from an index universal life insurance plan can supplement other income sources like investment portfolios and property rentals.

Stock Market Growth

Gain exposure to major market indices like the S&P 500 without the volatility. The addition of a ULI to a retirement portfolio can provide a stock market growth with lower risk than a traditional investment portfolio.

Estate Planning Cash Benefits

After your retirement, a ULI policy will leave cash to your family or loved ones  - a death benefit. With careful structuring, it can provide a tax-efficient inheritance to beneficiaries, facilitating estate planning and wealth transfer.

Retirement Saving Flexibility

Investing into a ULI plan for retirement is flexible and premiums can be adjusted according to any change in financial circumstances.

Tax-Free Growth

The cash value of a ULI policy grows tax-free, allowing your investment to grow more quickly without immediate tax implications.

Loan and Withdrawal Options

ULI policies typically allow for loans or withdrawals from the accumulated cash value, providing a potential source of income during retirement without early withdrawal penalties.

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Crafting Your IUL Solution

Based on our discussions, we'll design a bespoke Index Universal Life Insurance plan that aligns perfectly with your family protection objectives, ensuring your peace of mind.

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“Carlton is an experienced & learned professional in the life assurance space, who has helped, not only clients but me, navigate the world of high value life assurance through education on the concepts, the application, the processes, and procedures in a clear and concise manner, as to allow me to imbibe others with the same knowledge. He is affable, thoroughly professional and is a pleasure to work with many of my clients and colleagues”.

Raj Srivastava

Executive Director at
Arrow Capital

“Carlton Crabbe and the team at Capital For Life have been an immeasurable asset. Carlton’s experience in structuring solutions for our HNW clients has been a great benefit to our team, and the feedback from our valued clients has been unanimously positive.”

Bob Bhowmik

Chief Operating Office at
SVN Capital

"I've had the pleasure to work with Carlton and the whole team on a number of occasions. I've found them very professional and thorough when preparing UL cases for my clients. Carlton has a wealth of knowledge on his offering and the whole CFL team is first class in their work behind the scenes."

James Gormley

Senior Partner at
Finsbury Wealth

"Working with Carlton is a pleasure. He delivers a constant high level of quality work and is always responsive and communicative."

Hugh McGrenra

Business Development Manager at
ARIA Capital Management

"Carlton is an invaluable trusted advisor who identified creative solutions for my high net worth clients using specialised life insurance options. He is a true expert in this field and someone who increases the professionalism in this specialist area."

Marc Beattie

Director at
Wealth Management Services

“Carlton has been exceptional in helping us and our clients with the best support and guidance we could wish for.  We will continue to use Carlton forever more and would highly suggest that everyone else does the same too.”

Stefan Terry

Chief Executive Officer at
SVN Capital

"Carlton and his team at Capital for Life go above and beyond to help us propose and implement unique retirement and estate planning vehicles for our high net worth clients. Capital for Life’s suite of product offerings are unique in many ways and lend them themselves to significant generational wealth creation and preservation. I see Capital for Life becoming a larger part of international wealth planning in the future and would recommend them to anyone without reservation."

Thomas Goldie

Senior Wealth Adviser at
Hoxton Capital Management

“Having worked with Carlton for many years, I saw first-hand the care he took to get to the right solution for clients and how collaborative he was with colleagues. In recent years, he has specialised in offshore planning, notably trusts and life assurance, to an extent that there’s nobody I’m aware of in the industry who knows more about those areas.”

Simon Bullock

Founder of chartered financial planning boutique,
Mulberry Bow

"Carlton really stands out as a true expert within the market. Carlton has been instrumental as a trusted advisor to my high-net-worth clients because of his ability to provide specialised and creative life insurance products for retirement and estate planning."

Lloyd Simpson

Partner at
GSB Capital

"I highly recommend Capital for Life for when it comes to life insurance solutions. The team is extremely knowledgeable & professional. Carlton is a true expert in his field and he along with the team always remain on hand to provide assistance."

Gareth Bowkett

Associate Director at
Indigo Financial Analysis

"I am extremely pleased with the high-value life insurance products and retirement planning strategies that Capital for Life designed for my client. As a trusted advisor in this specialised area, Carlton and his team helped through every aspect of the application process to make this seamless and effortless for both the client and myself. The Team is highly experienced, knowledgeable and professional."

Stuart J. Mizen

Senior Investment Manager at
SVN Capital

Common Questions About IUL

for Stock Market Protected Investing

What is stock market protected investing with index universal life insurance (IUL)?

This strategy combines permanent life insurance protection with potential market-linked investment growth. The cash value in your IUL policy is linked to a stock market index like the S&P 500, Hang Seng or Eurostoxx but with a floor rate to protect against downturns. You get market upside potential without any market linked downside risk.

Is it really possible to invest in the stock market without risk with an IUL?

Not entirely. While IULs offer lifetime protection against stock market losses, you won't fully participate in all of the market gains. IULs cap market participation at a certain percentage which is typically 10-11% per year meaning you benefit less during strong market years.

As with any investment, there are costs and charges to consider. In the case of ULI policies, there are policy fees and expenses, as well as the cost of insurance charges that can impact your returns.

If the stock market enters a multi-year bear market, how would my IUL cash value be protected?

IULs offer a unique feature called the floor rate, which ensures that your cash value will not experience prolonged periods of negative or zero growth. Your cash value will still grow at the guaranteed minimal rate, typically 2-3% per year, even if the underlying stock market index performs poorly. When you cash out your policy, you will receive the guaranteed rate if the market has failed to outperform this amount each year.

What are the benefits of using an IUL for stock market investment?

Potential benefits include:

  • Tax-advantaged cash value growth: Cash value can grow tax-free for life insurance purposes, potentially offering greater wealth accumulation.
  • Death benefit protection: Your loved ones receive a death benefit in case of your passing, regardless of the cash value.
  • Flexibility: You can adjust your premiums and death benefit over time.

What are the drawbacks of using an IUL for stock market investment?

Drawbacks include:

  • Higher fees and charges: Compared to traditional investments, IULs have higher fees, which can drag down your returns.
  • Lower potential returns: You won't get the full upside of the market due to the floor rate and fees.
  • Complexity: IULs are complex financial products. Do your research and consult a financial advisor before committing.

Who is a good candidate for stock market protected investing with an IUL?

IULs can be a powerful tool for various individuals seeking:

  • Long-term growth with downside protection: IULs offer a floor rate that guarantees no negative growth even in volatile markets, making them ideal for risk-averse investors and those building retirement wealth.
  • Tax-advantaged wealth accumulation: Tax-free death benefits and potential tax-free cash value growth make IULs attractive for high-income earners and individuals focused on estate planning.
  • Diversification and risk reduction: IULs act as a hedge against market volatility, complementing traditional investments and aiding portfolio diversification.
  • Specific financial goals: Whether you're saving for children's education, planning for retirement, or seeking wealth protection, IULs can help you reach your objectives.

Are there any alternatives to IULs for stock market protected investing?

Yes, several alternatives life policies offer stock market investment potential, including:

  • Guaranteed whole of life (GWOL): Offers full or partial downside protection with moderate returns based on the insurers underlying portfolio performance and profits.
  • Variable universal life (VUL): Invests directly in the market with higher risk and potentially higher reward.
  • Equity-linked annuities: Offer market-linked growth with guaranteed minimum returns, but limited flexibility.

How do I choose the right IUL policy for stock market protected investing?

Carefully compare IUL policies based on factors like:

  • Fees and charges
  • Floor rates and crediting methods
  • Death benefit options
  • Rider availability (additional benefits like long-term care)
  • Financial strength of the life insurance company and its reputation

What are some potential risks to be aware of when considering an IUL?

While IULs offer protection and potential growth, there are risks to consider before committing:

Financial Risks

Surrender Charges: These penalties apply if you withdraw funds before a specific period (often 10-15 years). These charges can significantly reduce your cash value and erode potential returns.

Policy Lapse: Missing premium payments can lead to policy lapse, meaning you lose coverage and potentially all accumulated cash value.

Fees and Expenses: IULs have various fees, like mortality and administrative charges, which can eat into your returns and growth over time.

Limited Market Participation: While offering downside protection, IULs typically cap gains at a certain percentage (less than full market gains). This limits your potential returns in strong market years.

Interest Rate Risk: Low interest rates can impact crediting rates and limit cash value growth in some IULs.

Complexity and Transparency

Product Complexity: IULs are complex financial products with numerous features and potential pitfalls. Thoroughly understand the terms, conditions, and potential consequences before signing up.

Sales Practices: Be wary of aggressive sales tactics that overemphasise potential benefits and downplay risks. Conduct independent research and consult a financial advisor for unbiased advice.

Policy and Insurer Risks

Changes in Policy Terms: Insurers reserve the right to modify policy terms, such as crediting rates and fees, over time. These changes can negatively impact your financial projections.

Company Financial Strength: Ensure the insurer offering the IUL has a strong financial rating and track record to minimise the risk of insolvency or policy changes.

Product Availability: IULs are relatively new products, and their long-term performance and stability are yet to be fully established.

Additional Considerations

Suitability for Individual Needs: IULs may not be suitable for everyone's financial goals and risk tolerance. Consult a financial advisor to determine if it aligns with your specific situation.

Alternatives Exist: Explore other investment options like traditional investments, IRAs, or other life insurance options before locking into an IUL.

Where can I find more information about stock market protected investing with IULs?

Reputable financial publications, insurance company websites and Capital for Life’s own website provide more information and valuable resources. A specialist life insurance agent or financial advisor can assess your financial situation, risk tolerance, and goals to determine if an IUL is the right choice for you.

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